When a boat owner or builder is faced with repairing hundreds or thousands of osmosis blisters, there are a number of options available for removal.  These include peeling, grinding or sanding and blasting.

  • The Geltec peeling system systematically removes the GRP and underlying fibreglass layers exposing the osmosis damage, eliminating the affected areas and revealing a smooth substrate. It delivers fast, clean and precise osmosis removal.
  • Grinding and/or sanding was the preferred method of osmosis removal 30 years ago prior to peeling technology.  It is a particularly unpleasant job.  Depending on the skill level of the operator is extremely time consuming and leaves uneven surfaces requiring extensive fairing.  This form of removal creates a lot of dust which must be considered due to health and safety concerns.
  • Blasting (including soda blasting) has been used in the past but has reduced in recent times. This form of removal provides varying results and often delivers a finish that is too shallow and does not expose the full extent of the osmosis damage.  It is also considered to be extremely environmentally damaging.