Geltec is a kiwi company providing boat planing, peeling and osmosis repair services for nearly 20 years. Over this time Geltec has assisted with the restoration of hundreds of boats, saving customers considerable time and expense.

Geltec’s unique planing system methodically removes surfaces quickly, cleanly and evenly. A precise depth can be set depending on the planing requirements starting from as little as 0.5mm. During the planing process waste is collected and removed reducing environmental impact,
a key health and safety consideration in all boatyards.

We can also repair the hull to which ever stage the owner requires.  This is a mobile service so there is no need to move the boat to a specific boat yard, we can come to you.

Planing Applications:

  • Hull peeling for osmosis repair
  • GRP/fibreglass removal for repair or modification
  • Removal of teak decking
  • Removal of heavy paint build-up
  • GRP/fibreglass removal from swimming pools
  • Precision planing of most GRP/fibreglass surfaces